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You are a fish! Your goal: get food to survive!

Unfortunately this is easier said than done! The King of the aquarium has the full power over the food distribution, and he wants you to work for him for which he will reward you with food!

Explore the 3 caves of the aquarium and bring shiny diamonds to the King - but beware, these challenges are exhausting for little fish like you.

Luckily, other fish of the aquarium are catching onto you and since you are their connection to the king and food, they are eager to work for you and are waiting until you give them their cut!

Will you be a fair middle fish between king and the villagers? Or do you want to be on the throne yourself without caring for the others.


This game was made by twitch.tv/peekstone (Vods Available)  in 4 days for the Epic Mega Jam 2022


The game was made for the controller, but it can be played with Keyboard as well.

(Left Stick)
Switch Path
Eat Snack
Dialog Choice
(Left Stick)(WASD)


TheFishKing.zip 591 MB

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